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By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

In an effort to post more often, and provide more info more quickly, I shall occasionally post micro-blogs such as this. Herein are links to various sites where one can watch television online (plus one site with a wealth of info on television shows). Why bother, you ask? Some sites include classic TV shows that are now hard to find on television or cable. Sometimes, despite use of all manner of modern gadgets, one misses an episode of a beloved TV show. Some unusual television shows are not available in one’s own viewing area. Some shows screen online-only. For whatever reason one may want to watch TV online –  enjoy!


* Find Info on Classic TV Shows, View a List of Old Television Shows Online at TV Land One can view favorite classic TV shows on 3rd Rock from the Sun; Andy Griffith Show; Beverly Hillbillies; Gunsmoke; Hogan’s Heroes; Leave it to Beaver; Jeffersons; Sanford and Son. Get detailed information on old television shows online. Find video clips of original television show programs on the official TV Land web site.
* Free Online TV: Watch Free Global TV and Online Video from JumpTV –Online Television –English Offers sports, international and religious programming world-wide through the Internet to consumers’ televisions or computers.
* Full-Length TV Shows – Yahoo! TV One can watch free full-length TV show episodes. See popular current and past TV shows.
* TV Links – Free TV Links One can wtch TV For Free. Streaming TV Online! No Charge, No Wait! TVLinkVault has everything from HBO Series, to old 80’s Cartoons!
* TV News – TV Shows – TV Listings – Entertainment News offers TV and other entertainment news, and reviews on comedy TV shows, drama TV shows, reality TV shows and more. If you are looking for information on new and old television shows, look no further than the new home of TV Tome,
* One can watch 300+ LIVE world TV stations for free. ‘TV’ is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations with this TV application.
* Hulu – Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. One can watch favorite television shows at any time. It costs nothing.
* Fancast | Watch Online Videos, TV, Movies, Trailers, and More! Check out, and watch movie trailers, TV shows, celebrity interviews, and a whole lot more. Fancast is your source for entertainment, news, and information!
* AOL – Watch Full TV Show Episodes for Free One can watch full length episodes for free on AOL Television. Enjoy free, full length episodes of Heroes, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Dexter, Family Guy, Bones, House and many more.
* Joost New ways to find what you would like to watch. You can search in “traditional” ways – by title or category – or you can find suggestions from other people on Joost.

In Memoriam:
Today both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.
Also, Ed McMahon recently died.


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Mojave Phone Booth

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By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

Mojave Phone Booth
Santa Anna winds lash out at me as my Jeep bounces through the ruts cleverly disguised as a road. Ahead the desert sun glints off a glass structure like a laser-flash. It glimmers like a mirage as I approach. The lonely object stands like a sentinel among the Joshua trees. I park beside it and wait, listening for a call from beyond. I wonder who will call, and from where upon the globe, to the world’s loneliest phone booth, languishing amidst the Mojave…

Dubbed ‘world’s loneliest phone booth’ or ‘Mojave phone booth,’ among other terms, the lone phone booth cast out into the Mojave Desert caught the imagination of Netizens world-wide. (Continued in next post: Mojave Phone Booth Continued)

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Mojave Phone Booth (cont’d)

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(Continued from previous post,

By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

“There erupted a “strangely poetic business about this telephone booth which was still functioning. I can’t remember what the exact point of it was, but it became a kind of talismanic object.” [J. G. Ballard: Conversations (RE/Search Publications), p. 41. From Deuce of Clubs’ Original Mojave Phone Booth Website.]

This lonesome phone booth fascinated ‘Deuce of Clubs (DOC),’ who began researching it. He discovered the phone still worked and located a couple of people who still lived in the area. From them he learned it was originally set up to service those who worked at nearby Cima Mine and the few local residents. After the mine closed, the phone stayed on. Locals still used the phone occasionally. They explained it had become ‘phone etiquette’ that anyone passing by who heard the phone ringing should answer.

DOC created a Mojave Phone Booth Website. As numerous Netizens learned of the Website, people from far-flung locales called the booth to see who would answer. A fervent fan of Burning Man, DOC often coincided Burning Man trips with visits to the phone booth. He brought friends to experience the booth; they took pictures of each other sending and receiving calls there. Many visitors to his Website did the same. DOC documented his and others’ phone booth visits on his site, as well as the many emails from distant devotees of the booth.

The legend of The Mojave Phone Booth vaulted this icon of ethereal solitude into cult status. Rumors claimed the paranormal TV series The X-Files proffered an ‘insider-joke’ nod to this Internet phenomenon in a scene of Dana Scully calling from a phone booth all alone in a desert. DOC was writing a book about the phone booth. The booth gained a MySpace page, no less. It even ‘starred’ in a movie, Mojave Phone Booth, now available on DVD.

Ironically, The Mojave Phone Booth‘s fame sealed its doom. Since it sat on land overseen by the National Park Service, the influx of so many visiting the cult icon disturbed the NPS. Pacific Bell removed the phone booth. DOC believed this move occurred at the behest of the NPS.

Visitors to The Mojave Booth Website often ask DOC if he has ever discovered another lonely desert phone booth. He replied, “… no. seeing what happened the first time, if i [sic] did, i [sic] would keep it VERY QUIET.” Yet the booth lives still, on the Web and in the minds of those who knew of it before its untimely demise.

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Agatha Christie

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The Lady is a Dame

By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

The youngest of three children, Agatha Christie (1890-1976) was born Agatha May Clarissa Miller in Devon, England to a conservative, well-to-do family. She never attended school, but was instead educated at home. Strongly introverted, she preferred her imaginary playmates, whom she dubbed The Kittens, to real ones.

Agatha Christie finished her first novel in 1915 but it was not published until 1920. She later developed agoraphobia and avoided being photographed or interviewed, even though she received worldwide acclaim. She divorced her first husband because he “found a young woman,” then later married her second husband, 14 years her junior.

On December 4, 1926, she suddenly disappeared and all of England became alarmed over the missing famous writer. Learn the details of this Christie mystery and other clues to this agoraphobic author at History of the Mystery: Agatha Christie. Find out how she “became a Dame” in 1971.

Learn of her secret life as Mary Westmacott at The Official Agatha Christie Website. Discover details of the woman, her writing, her books, her travels and her work with her second husband, an archaeologist. Read about her life, view her picture, join the newsletter or keep up with Christie events.

Surf over to AOL’s Agatha Christie Site (now archived). Explore Christie themes, learn more about her career or scope out the Mr. Quin or Miss Marple stories.

Hear the Dame’s wise words at Creative Quotations: Agatha Christie. Why did Agatha Christie believe ‘Most successes are unhappy’?

Discuss Agatha Christie at Mystery Net.

Learn all there is to know about “The Queen of Crime” at the sites listed below:

~ History of the Mystery: Agatha Christie –

~ Agatha Christie Homepage –

~ Official Agatha Christie Website –

AOL’s Agatha Christie Site – (now archived)

~ Creative Quotations: Agatha Christie –

~ Mystery Net : Agatha Christie –

~ History of Mystery: Agatha Christie –

~ Agatha Christie Facts –

~ Wikipedia: Agatha Christie –

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Wil Wheaton

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Where’s Wheaton?

Copyright 2009
Susan Chandler Kelley

Remember Wil Wheaton – teen star Wesley Crusher of Star Trek Next Generation? Yes, he’s still around and doing fine! He began blogging before blogging was cool. He maintains a Typepad blog with a large and loyal following: WWdN In Exile

Wheaton has also written three books: Dancing Barefoot, Best Days of Our Lives (now in audiobook) and Just A Geek (now in audiobook). An avid gamer, he writes about gaming often but also blogs about his myriad interests: family, being a stepdad, books, writing, hockey, comic books, conventions, and yes, acting.

Wil Wheaton also writes about how he transformed from young actor- who wove Wesley Crusher into a likable wunderkind- into confident adult- now married with a family, who blogs about his sundry passions and how he achieved his transmogrification from young star to adult family man and a “working, struggling actor.”

He may no longer be a teen celebrity centerfold and teenybopper crush, but he quite believably portrayed a comic book artist turned rich soulless collector in an episode of Numb3rs. I do not believe he could have pulled off such an against-the-grain portrayal in his salad days of STNG. Also, he and the rest of the STNG crew recently performed vocally on an episode of Family Guy that premiered 3/29/09.

I stumbled upon Wil Wheaton’s blog back in 2005 quite by accident. I had just learned of the 2003 suicide of Jonathan Brandis (best-kept media secret since the pre-Watergate Nixon era) nearly two years after the fact. (A future blog will cover the late and much lamented JB.) While Websurfing for more information on Brandis, I came across a blog post by Wheaton. A blog reader asked what he thought of Brandis’ suicide at the age of 27, since Wheaton was a child/teen star of 80s-90s as well.

He writes how he might have gone the way of Brandis and so many other child/teen actors who can no longer snare prized parts after passing 20 – had he slipped into a different mind-set. However, Wheaton transitioned from hot young actor to successful adult whose acting career does not rule his life to the exclusion of all else.

Wheaton understood the acting industry very well even as a young man. While speaking to a group of drama students about to graduate he explained: “You have to love [acting] more than you hate how unfair the industry is, more than the constant rejection – and it is constant – hurts. You must have a passion within you that makes it worthwhile to struggle for years while pretty boys and pretty girls take your parts away from you again and again and again.”

He realized he no longer had that passion and was not willing to sacrifice life, love and family to the vagaries of the Hollywood industry. “I have only had three auditions in the last three months. A year ago that would have killed me, but I’m really not bothered by it now.”

Wheaton turned his passion for acting to writing and has since realized “I could be an actor and a writer, but my resolve to put my family ahead of everything, instead of putting Make It As An Actor No Matter What ahead of everything[,] remains.” Well said, Wil Wheaton!

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Walter Koenig’s Star

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Give Walter Koenig a Gold Star!

By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

In June 2009, the Hollywood Walk of Fame Committee will vote on new Walk of Fame Star recipients. Walter Koenig is the only one of the original major Star Trek characters yet to receive a star on the Walk of Fame. After his nearly 50 years in the acting profession, in so many areas of this profession, the time is surely right to award Walter Koenig his well deserved star!

I have completed a letter to the Committee to request that his star be awarded. I ask that those of you who have enjoyed Mr. Koenig’s work in so many areas of the acting profession – acting, writing, producing and teaching – write letters to the Committee as well. Remember, however, to be polite and respectful. Do not forget that our letters will reflect on Walter Koenig himself. Their address is:
Walk of Fame Committee
c/o Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
7018 Hollywood Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028
I wrote a previous article on Walter Koenig – available at – that discusses his career. He is a rare actor who has created more than one memorable role, and portrayed many reverse-polarity characters.

In Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Walter Koenig portrayed Tiger, the psychopathic gang leader in “Memo from Purgatory,” written by Harlan Ellison.

Walter Koenig later gave life to youthful Pavel Andreievich Chekov in Star Trek in 39 episodes, 1967-69. During the Cold War and the Space Race, he offered a non-threatening, likeable Russian patriot, acknowledging Russia’s contribution to space exploration. He reprised Chekov in Star Trek’s first seven feature films, earning a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor twice: for Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home. He recently channeled Chekov yet again in two Star Trek Web shows: To Serve All My Days and Of Gods and Men.

Walter Koenig also breathed fire into ruthless PSI-cop Alfred Bester on Babylon 5 in 12 episodes as a recurring guest star. B5’s production company nominated him for an Emmy at the end of the third season for “Ship of Tears.” Bester was voted ‘man we most love to hate’ in a Web poll of 2,000+ science fiction fans.

Walter Koenig first appeared on television in 1960 on A Day in Court. In the nearly 50 years since, he has appeared on TV 107 times in 46 different roles. He penned an unusal play, “You’re Never Alone When You’re A Schizophrenic,” and starred in it. He trod the boards in many other plays including “The Boys of Autumn.” He has recently written, produced and performed in many independent movies including But What About My Feelings?, The Bone Eaters, Mad Cowgirl, and Inalienable. He has also taught acting classes.

Amazingly, Walter Koenig still finds time for charitable and human rights work: He visited Burmese refugee camps in Thailand July 2007 and has worked to bring awareness to their plight with public appearances and conferences. He supports The Children of the Night, a Los Angeles based charity which helps children living on the streets. He has supported the Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota and the St. Labre Indian School in Montana for many years. He has helped raise funds for Habitat For Humanity. He has supported animal groups including the Nature Conservatory, Humane Society, World Wildlife Fund, Defenders Of Wildlife and SPCA Los Angeles. He has sponsored writing and art contests to help further the arts. He volunteered his time and acting talents for the second episode of the independently produced Web series, Star Trek Phase 2.

For more information on Walter Koenig’s career and the campaign to request his star on the Walk of Fame, visit and peruse Patty Wright’s informative Official Walter Koenig Website.
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H. R. Giger

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Dark-Eyed Demon Dreamer

(Originally published in Eye on the Web)

By Susan Chandler Kelley

Copyright 1999-2009;
do not reprint without permission

Born in Switzerland on February 5, 1940, H. R. (Hans Ruedi) Giger attended art schools 1953-1965. He delves into the dream world to depict the ‘dark side,’ that Jungian jungle of human nature’s nightmare netherworld. His repellent reptilian biomech creatures slither into our psyches (or psychoses). These shadow plays of our darkest fears burrow into the subconscious more inextricably than the macabre, metallic sinews of his creations.

“He is our latter-day Hieronymus Bosch, the Dutch fabulist come again, demonic and erotic,” says sci-fi author Harlan Ellison. These ‘brothers grim,’ Swiss Giger and Dutchman Bosch, share similar dangerous, demonic visions. Giger’s gruesome creatures provide a cutting cultural counterpoint to his contemporary, fellow fantasist Michael Whelan. Whelan’s angelic figures languor in light drenched fairy scenes; Giger’s nightmare demons dwell in darkest depths.

Giger first made acquaintance with the surreal at age five. His father, a chemist, received a human skull, which first fired his son’s imagination. Young Giger found it fascinating to possess the skull of someone who had once been alive. Skulls and skeletal figures still predominate Giger’s work.

He draws on all experience for inspiration, but as a follower of Jung, he often draws on the dream state for ideas. Originator of the Biomechanical Style, Giger’s creatures sport steely sinews and meld organic, humanoid shapes with mechanical apparatus.

Most people know Giger best as the designer of the horrific creature of the 1977 Academy Award winning science fiction movie, Alien. The nightmarish creature of Alien was actually inspired by one of Giger’s original creations, included in a 1978 publication of a collection of his works, “Giger’s Necronomicon.” The writings of early 20th century author H.P. Lovecraft, another weaver of weird nightmare creatures, gave Giger the title for this publication.

Probably best known for his fantasy paintings and Aliens creatures, Giger has also created other notable art, particularly album covers, such as ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ for Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Yet he manages many media, including furniture design, not to mention designing the ‘Giger bars’ in Tokyo and Switzerland. Giger ranks as a true multi-media artist. In addition to his paintings, sketches, Alien film designs and album covers, he has also designed sculpture, a Swatch watch project called Watch Abart and a movie, ‘The Mystery of San Gottardo’.

Interesting sites devoted to H. R. Giger:

Official WebSite of H.R. Giger:

Official WebSite of H.R. Giger – Fan page:

Shadowland – Info/Images:

Little Giger Page:

H. R. Giger Museum:

Giger Chat Room:

System 75 Giger Gallery:

Pictures of Giger artwork:

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