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Apollo 11’s 40th Anniversary

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By Susan Chandler Kelley
©2009; do not reprint without permission

This past week held many noteworthy events, both exciting and sad, that link together in my mind. Endeavor blasted off to return to the International Space Station. Walter Cronkite, America’s most trusted news anchor (and “the voice of the Apollo 11 mission,” at least to me) died at the age of 92. The 40th anniversary of the launch of the first mission to land humans on the moon occurred on 7/16. Today, July 20th, marks the 40th anniversary of the first humans to land on the moon. This article honors that astounding achievement.


Hot summer night. July 20, 1969. A tiny town in south central Alabama. Outside the bedroom window, grasshoppers chirp and tree-frogs croak. Inside, blurry human shapes waver on the 16-inch B/W TV. Newsman Walter Cronkite (RIP), narrates the events unfolding on the little RCA as three men – Neil A. Armstrong, Commander; Michael Collins, Command Module pilot; Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module pilot – ‘shoot for the moon.’

I stare at the grainy image as Astronaut Neil Armstrong intones, “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” The odd-looking space-suited Michelin-man plants the American flag on lunar regolith. As a 12-year-old girl, I don’t comprehend the full significance of Apollo 11. Yet still – the tiny hairs on my sun-freckled neck prickle as I watch a man walk on the moon.

480 full moons have waxed and waned since that hot, humid, historic night. Yet the memory still glows like moonbeams. As a geeky bookworm who loved watching Star Trek and reading sci-fi, even at that young age I always expected humans to walk on the moon. 480 full moons later, I can only wonder why we never got humans any further. Yet even that disappointment detracts not at all from that other-worldly vision 40 years ago. I can still see the screen of that minuscule TV, still hear the reception delay for the astronauts’ words, still feel the tummy-tingle of watching that moonwalk.

40 years ago today, moon-booted feet first crunched across lunar regolith, human hands first steered a bouncing moon buggy, human fingers first planted a US flag on other-worldly soil. Since that time, we have launched other manned moon missions and many mechanical explorers such as Voyager, Mariner and the irrepressible Martian rovers Spirit and Opportunity. All historic events. All laudable events. All tummy-tingling events.

However, one always remembers the first time most fondly. In remembrance of that space adventure, this human ventures into cyberspace, to moon-walk one more time… – Offers panoramas stitched together from photos taken by Apollo 11 as well as all other Apollo missions. – 40th Anniversary Page – The Apollo Story and NASA’s future exploration plans. With images. – ABC8 WMTW: Apollo facts and highlights, Apollo astronaut info and remembrances, past and future missions, video and images, moon myths, objects left behind, hoax conspiracies, etc. – MOON LANDING FACTS: Apollo 11 at 40; text and images; for National Geographic News. – Wikipedia article on Apollo 11 mission: Crew, Nomenclature, Mission highlights, Spacecraft location, Mission insignia, 40th Anniversary events, images,
references – National Air and Space Museum press release; NASM commemorates this defining moment in space exploration.

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Online TV

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By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

In an effort to post more often, and provide more info more quickly, I shall occasionally post micro-blogs such as this. Herein are links to various sites where one can watch television online (plus one site with a wealth of info on television shows). Why bother, you ask? Some sites include classic TV shows that are now hard to find on television or cable. Sometimes, despite use of all manner of modern gadgets, one misses an episode of a beloved TV show. Some unusual television shows are not available in one’s own viewing area. Some shows screen online-only. For whatever reason one may want to watch TV online –  enjoy!


* Find Info on Classic TV Shows, View a List of Old Television Shows Online at TV Land One can view favorite classic TV shows on 3rd Rock from the Sun; Andy Griffith Show; Beverly Hillbillies; Gunsmoke; Hogan’s Heroes; Leave it to Beaver; Jeffersons; Sanford and Son. Get detailed information on old television shows online. Find video clips of original television show programs on the official TV Land web site.
* Free Online TV: Watch Free Global TV and Online Video from JumpTV –Online Television –English Offers sports, international and religious programming world-wide through the Internet to consumers’ televisions or computers.
* Full-Length TV Shows – Yahoo! TV One can watch free full-length TV show episodes. See popular current and past TV shows.
* TV Links – Free TV Links One can wtch TV For Free. Streaming TV Online! No Charge, No Wait! TVLinkVault has everything from HBO Series, to old 80’s Cartoons!
* TV News – TV Shows – TV Listings – Entertainment News offers TV and other entertainment news, and reviews on comedy TV shows, drama TV shows, reality TV shows and more. If you are looking for information on new and old television shows, look no further than the new home of TV Tome,
* One can watch 300+ LIVE world TV stations for free. ‘TV’ is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations with this TV application.
* Hulu – Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. One can watch favorite television shows at any time. It costs nothing.
* Fancast | Watch Online Videos, TV, Movies, Trailers, and More! Check out, and watch movie trailers, TV shows, celebrity interviews, and a whole lot more. Fancast is your source for entertainment, news, and information!
* AOL – Watch Full TV Show Episodes for Free One can watch full length episodes for free on AOL Television. Enjoy free, full length episodes of Heroes, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Dexter, Family Guy, Bones, House and many more.
* Joost New ways to find what you would like to watch. You can search in “traditional” ways – by title or category – or you can find suggestions from other people on Joost.

In Memoriam:
Today both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.
Also, Ed McMahon recently died.


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Mojave Phone Booth

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By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

Mojave Phone Booth
Santa Anna winds lash out at me as my Jeep bounces through the ruts cleverly disguised as a road. Ahead the desert sun glints off a glass structure like a laser-flash. It glimmers like a mirage as I approach. The lonely object stands like a sentinel among the Joshua trees. I park beside it and wait, listening for a call from beyond. I wonder who will call, and from where upon the globe, to the world’s loneliest phone booth, languishing amidst the Mojave…

Dubbed ‘world’s loneliest phone booth’ or ‘Mojave phone booth,’ among other terms, the lone phone booth cast out into the Mojave Desert caught the imagination of Netizens world-wide. (Continued in next post: Mojave Phone Booth Continued)

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Mojave Phone Booth (cont’d)

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(Continued from previous post,

By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

“There erupted a “strangely poetic business about this telephone booth which was still functioning. I can’t remember what the exact point of it was, but it became a kind of talismanic object.” [J. G. Ballard: Conversations (RE/Search Publications), p. 41. From Deuce of Clubs’ Original Mojave Phone Booth Website.]

This lonesome phone booth fascinated ‘Deuce of Clubs (DOC),’ who began researching it. He discovered the phone still worked and located a couple of people who still lived in the area. From them he learned it was originally set up to service those who worked at nearby Cima Mine and the few local residents. After the mine closed, the phone stayed on. Locals still used the phone occasionally. They explained it had become ‘phone etiquette’ that anyone passing by who heard the phone ringing should answer.

DOC created a Mojave Phone Booth Website. As numerous Netizens learned of the Website, people from far-flung locales called the booth to see who would answer. A fervent fan of Burning Man, DOC often coincided Burning Man trips with visits to the phone booth. He brought friends to experience the booth; they took pictures of each other sending and receiving calls there. Many visitors to his Website did the same. DOC documented his and others’ phone booth visits on his site, as well as the many emails from distant devotees of the booth.

The legend of The Mojave Phone Booth vaulted this icon of ethereal solitude into cult status. Rumors claimed the paranormal TV series The X-Files proffered an ‘insider-joke’ nod to this Internet phenomenon in a scene of Dana Scully calling from a phone booth all alone in a desert. DOC was writing a book about the phone booth. The booth gained a MySpace page, no less. It even ‘starred’ in a movie, Mojave Phone Booth, now available on DVD.

Ironically, The Mojave Phone Booth‘s fame sealed its doom. Since it sat on land overseen by the National Park Service, the influx of so many visiting the cult icon disturbed the NPS. Pacific Bell removed the phone booth. DOC believed this move occurred at the behest of the NPS.

Visitors to The Mojave Booth Website often ask DOC if he has ever discovered another lonely desert phone booth. He replied, “… no. seeing what happened the first time, if i [sic] did, i [sic] would keep it VERY QUIET.” Yet the booth lives still, on the Web and in the minds of those who knew of it before its untimely demise.

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Chekov aka Koenig

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Walter Koenig / Pavel Chekov

By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009; do not reprint without permission

On this blog, I’ll discuss many unusual, quirky and interesting sites I’ve come across in my Web travels. Today the topic is Walter Koenig. His Website is maintained by a wonderful lady named Patty Wright (who also helps produce the Star Trek Phase II online episodes). It is the only authorized Website for Mr. Koenig and is available at:

It is 9pm on a Friday night in 1967. A 10-year-old girl tunes in her favorite TV show, Star Trek, and notices a new character. This 20-something, attractive, mop-topped brunette guy speaks with an adorable (if sometimes inconsistent) Russian accent. The young girl melts. Fast-forward to Winter 1976. The now 19-year-old girl is in college and meets a 20-something, attractive, mop-topped brunette guy who speaks with an adorable accent. The young woman melts.

Not until a few months ago, when I  discovered Patty’s site and caught up with Walter Koenig via this site, did I realize what an incredible resemblance my first serious love object bore to Chekov. Her site contains many pics of Mr. Koenig and probably his best-known role, cheeky Chekov. These pics brought home my ‘transference’ of childhood infatuation for Chekov to his ‘lookalike’ that I met in college. ‘Tis a pleasant stroll down Memory Lane  and a  mother-lode of info on the multi-talented Mr. Koenig.

Patty’s Koenig site contains extensive info on Mr. Koenig, the actor. It also includes links to its sister site, devoted to all things Chekov (including some fun fanfiction). Mr. Koenig is best known for two polar opposite TV roles: Star Trek’s youthful Russian navigator,  Pavel Chekov (mentioned above), and Babylon 5’s ruthless Psi-Cop villain, Alfred Bester.

When I happened upon this site, I knew only these two roles. I had no idea how far Mr. Koenig’s talents ranged. He has performed in stage work as well as dozens of TV shows from ‘Day in Court’ to ‘The Starlost’.  (He played one particularly memorable role in ‘Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ as Tiger, a psychopathic gang leader in ‘Memo from Purgatory’, written by Harlan Ellison.)  Mr. Koenig not only performed in all the franchised Star Trek movies, but also has recently starred in 2 Star Trek Webisodes (accessible from Patty’s Koenig site):  “To Serve All My Days” and “Of Gods and Men”.

Mr. Koenig possesses many writing credits, many more than mentioned here. He penned a satirical SF novel, Buck Alice and the Actor Robot and an unusal play You’re Never Alone When You’re A Schizophrenic.  He published a very honest, informative autobiography, Warped Factors, that was so engrossing I sped thru it in 3 hours. It was by turns ROFL funny and heart-tuggingly touching. He has  recently written, produced and performed in movies including The Bone Eaters, Mad Cowgirl, and Inalienable. (All three of these movies are accessible from Patty’s Koenig site.) Amazingly, he still finds time to write, teach, and  work with charities and a human rights campaign, Free Burma.

Even more amazingly, Mr. Koenig is the only one of the original major Star Trek characters who has not received a star on the Walk of Fame. Patty’s site includes a section with info on the campaign to get Mr. Koenig his star and on how to petition the Walk of Fame committee to this end. I am writing another petition to the Walk of Fame committee and hope you will also.

Patty’s thorough,  fully fleshed, fun site includes sections for his bio, credits, petition for his Walk of Fame star, appearances, photo gallery, fan gallery, current news, the Burma campaign, and the sister site devoted to Pavel Chekov.

Additionally, there’s an excellent review of Mr. Koenig’s autobiography, Warped Factors, at:

Also, there’s a list of many other Koenig/Chekov/Bester (mostly fanfiction)  Websites at:

[Please remember to write the Hollywood Walk of Fame Committee to ask them to award Walter Koenig a star on the Walk of Fame. See WOFS blog for more info: Walter Koenig’s Star ]

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