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By Susan Chandler Kelley
Copyright 2009;
do not reprint without permission

In an effort to post more often, and provide more info more quickly, I shall occasionally post micro-blogs such as this. Herein are links to various sites where one can watch television online (plus one site with a wealth of info on television shows). Why bother, you ask? Some sites include classic TV shows that are now hard to find on television or cable. Sometimes, despite use of all manner of modern gadgets, one misses an episode of a beloved TV show. Some unusual television shows are not available in one’s own viewing area. Some shows screen online-only. For whatever reason one may want to watch TV online –  enjoy!


* Find Info on Classic TV Shows, View a List of Old Television Shows Online at TV Land One can view favorite classic TV shows on 3rd Rock from the Sun; Andy Griffith Show; Beverly Hillbillies; Gunsmoke; Hogan’s Heroes; Leave it to Beaver; Jeffersons; Sanford and Son. Get detailed information on old television shows online. Find video clips of original television show programs on the official TV Land web site.
* Free Online TV: Watch Free Global TV and Online Video from JumpTV –Online Television –English Offers sports, international and religious programming world-wide through the Internet to consumers’ televisions or computers.
* Full-Length TV Shows – Yahoo! TV One can watch free full-length TV show episodes. See popular current and past TV shows.
* TV Links – Free TV Links One can wtch TV For Free. Streaming TV Online! No Charge, No Wait! TVLinkVault has everything from HBO Series, to old 80’s Cartoons!
* TV News – TV Shows – TV Listings – Entertainment News offers TV and other entertainment news, and reviews on comedy TV shows, drama TV shows, reality TV shows and more. If you are looking for information on new and old television shows, look no further than the new home of TV Tome,
* One can watch 300+ LIVE world TV stations for free. ‘TV’ is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations with this TV application.
* Hulu – Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. One can watch favorite television shows at any time. It costs nothing.
* Fancast | Watch Online Videos, TV, Movies, Trailers, and More! Check out, and watch movie trailers, TV shows, celebrity interviews, and a whole lot more. Fancast is your source for entertainment, news, and information!
* AOL – Watch Full TV Show Episodes for Free One can watch full length episodes for free on AOL Television. Enjoy free, full length episodes of Heroes, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Dexter, Family Guy, Bones, House and many more.
* Joost New ways to find what you would like to watch. You can search in “traditional” ways – by title or category – or you can find suggestions from other people on Joost.

In Memoriam:
Today both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.
Also, Ed McMahon recently died.


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5 Responses to “Online TV”

  1. I enjoyed this article on Websites that allow you to watch TV. Short articles like this are fine too, specially if you don’t have time for a longer 1. 🙂 I especially appreciate the site that streams eps of Merlin {Ed: Hulu}. I really like Arthurian legend based shows/books but my other 1/2 doesn’t. So I can watch it online w/o tying up the TV, while he watches sports that I’m not fond of. Evahbody wins. Do you know of any sites that show episodes of 77 Sunset Strip? I’d really like to see those.

    • Thanks, CH, & you’re welcome for the info. That’s what I’m here for. BTW, many network sites (i.e.,,, offer some of their shows for online viewing as well. Just sayin’… 😉

    • BTW, have any of you readers had any experience with any of the sites that require a software download to watch TV online? Are these scams? If not, does any of the software leave one open to virusware/spyware, etc.? If I can get some info on that, I’d like to add some of those sites to the article, if the software/sites are safe. Thanks!

  2. Hey – I found this website by mistake. I was searching in Yahoo for Antivirus software that I had already purchased when I came upon your site, I must say your page is pretty cool I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time this minute to totally read your site but I bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back around in a day or two. Thanks again for a great site.

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